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Techno Speak – 6 Technology Terms Related to the Internet and Web

As we continue our new “Technology Thursday” series, this week we wanted to share a tool/technique we commonly use to share technical terminology with a project team. We call it a Techno Speak Cheat Sheet.

The cheat sheet is essentially a project glossary of technical terms related to your specific project.  It will help ensure everyone has a shared understanding of terms important to the project’s success. It also gives the team a common response when non-team members ask about those terms. The Project Manager can initiate the process to develop the glossary. Post it on your project SharePoint site or a document repository that all team members can access online and add to it as the project progresses. It’s OK to infuse a little fun into your list by asking the team to think of creative analogies or ways to use the terms throughout the project.

Here is our own Techno Speak Cheat Sheet for 6 commonly used acronyms related to an internet and web implementation project, plus some fun ways to use them.

1. 404 – The infamous ‘Not Found 404’ message

2. IP – Internet Protocol

3. TCP – Transmission Control Protocol

4. HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol

5. ISP – Internet Service Provider. Tell us what analogy or phrase you can come up with for ISP.

6. POP3 – Post Office Protocol, version 3

click to enlarge graphicTechno Speak

In an earlier post, I listed unclear communication as one of the “5 Mistakes To Avoid When Defining Your Project Scope”.  I encourage you to add Project Glossary to your communication toolset.

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Chrystal Richardson is Managing Partner of CE Wilson Consulting, a project management and business efficiency consulting firm that has managed projects for technology, mining, medical and manufacturing clients since 2001.

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