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Although Project Management and Business Process Design have many similarities, they are distinctly different. Rather than focusing on completing a full-scale project, Business Process Design focuses on a disciplined way of establishing or improving a specific process or procedure.

Business Process Design is useful in situations where:

  • You already have a way of doing something that is no longer working.
  • You have a way of doing something that’s working, but is too expensive or has inefficiencies.
  • You need a new way to do something and don’t know how to design it.
  • You need to align people to a common goal with a clearly defined way (or process) of getting there.

When you choose CE Wilson for Business Process Design, we will work with you to help develop your vision and turn it into a tangible reality. Once the new process is implemented, we will watch it mature and make any necessary modifications.

Our team is skilled at communicating more abstract IT ideas to the functional teams of the business such as HR and purchasing. We speak both languages fluently, helping our clients bridge the gap between functional and IT requirements. We can even help you train staff on the new process throughout your location and other work sites if needed.

The end game is a better process, not just a set of requirements. A structured process with measurable milestones for your business that allow you to continuously monitor efficiency and process improvements.

Facets of Business Process Design

Process Evaluation and Design

Business Process Design starts with gathering information. We do that by conducting:

  • Current State Assessment – To find out where things stand now and discover what is and isn’t working.
  • Future State Assessment – To help you envision your ideal outcome and desire results.
  • Gap Analysis – What is missing from the current process and how do we close the gap?
  • Roadmap Development – To help outline and document your strategic goals and alignment of new processes and initiatives to achieve those goals.

IT System Evaluation

If your systems are not providing the correct business intelligence or efficiencies for your people to make informed decisions, or if they are out of sync with your current practices, we can help you fix them by:

  • Evaluating and documenting business requirements
  • Assessing current systems and tools for functionality, performance criteria, system reliability, technology maturity, ease of use and maintenance, adaptability, etc.

Change Management

Keeping employees informed and getting them on-board with organizational or system changes can be challenging. We can get and keep your people up to speed with:

  • Change Management Planning
  • Communication Planning
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Employee Training
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