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CE Wilson Consulting is a relationship-focused project management and business efficiency firm.

Our mission is to help our clients grow using a holistic approach. We look at an organization’s people first, then their processes, then their tools. We believe people are the key to success, and without making them a priority, a business will fail.

We focus on delivering end-to-end IT and business solutions utilizing project management methodologies. We are involved with the entire project lifecycle including the initial planning and discovery, design, implementation, transitioning and ongoing support. You will receive a customized, flexible project management experience designed to help you reach your goals efficiently and economically.

As a certified woman-owned business, we view our diverse leadership as a great strength, and enjoy working with clients who value a diverse workforce and the creative insights it can provide. We consider our team an extension of your team.

We enjoy being actively involved in the community, and consider it a responsibility and privilege to support causes focused on youth and women with our time, expertise and funding.

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