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Giving Thanks

This is one of my favorite cards. I received it from a great client at the completion of a project this year. Its so simple. The cover says it all, “Thank You.” Of course there’s so much to be thankful for every day, not just on Thanksgiving.

Here are four things the CE Wilson team is thankful for this Thanksgiving and all year round, our consulting team making the list again this year:

1. Life Chances
Each morning, each conversation, each project is a chance to start again. To put life in action with the lessons we’ve learned. We’re grateful for that chance to try again, to better ourselves, and make life a little sweeter for someone else.

2. Family & Friends
There’s so much power in those two words. The ability to say you have both is a blessing that we’re thankful for each day.

3. Consultants & Mentors
Well, we’re never too good to stop learning and if we’re teachable then it’s such a gift to have a great mentor. We’re thankful for our mentors who support and share our vision. We absolutely, without a doubt are thankful for great consultants. While, yes it’s true that we expect a lot from them, we work very hard to make sure they are on projects that will challenge them, grow them, and that they’ll love.

4. Successful Projects and Fantastic Clients
Without them we would not be what we are today. We’re especially grateful for having clients who value hard work, project dedication, and a personal commitment to success.

A few others from our team: music to dance to, sweet potato pie, a belly-aching laugh.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chrystal Richardson is Managing Partner of CE Wilson Consulting, a project management and business efficiency consulting firm that has managed projects for technology, mining, medical and manufacturing clients since 2001.

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  1. Chrystal,

    What a beautiful post and a nice tribute to all the reasons you are thankful.

    I smiled after reading “A few others from our team…” I thought I was the only person in AZ who liked Sweet Potato Pie!!! LOL

  2. Chrystal,

    What a beautiful post and wonderful sentiment. It’s important to express gratitude, especially at this time of year. I love your website and your blog posts!


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