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The Doors of 2014 – Happy New Years

As we gear up for the doors of 2014 to slide open at the stroke of 12 o’clock, here are 2 things you all can take with you.

1. Stick with the plan for things YOU are meant to achieve. Trying to live out other people’s plan for you will fail every time.

2. A good example is 10 times better than good advice. My cousin shared this thought recently and isn’t it so true!

And now, as the countdown to midnight begins and 2013 makes its way to a close, I want to share highlights from 2013.


12 great moments our team was blessed to have had this year.

  1. Successful projects and seminars!
  2. Addition of 3 new consultants who we are very excited to have join the team.
  3. My husband joining the team full time. And yes, I love working alongside him.
  4. Implementation of new technology that streamlined our accounting and finance processes.
  5. Creation of a fantastic advisory board with creative members who have supported our goals. Remember, wise people seek wise counsel!
  6. Awarding of 4 college scholarships through our annual Mind My Business Scholarship program for women entrepreneurs. Perhaps one of the most rewarding part of our year each year.
  7. The kick-off of our CE Wilson ‘Grow Kids Programs’ which allowed youth to help other youth in education, physical activity and giving.
  8. The start of our first blog site. Thank you all for reading and sharing ideas. We love hearing from you.
  9. The launch of our rebranded website. What a project.
  10. Enhanced skillsets. We never stop learning and this year was no exception as we made it a point to be conscious and proactive in learning more. We even achieved a few more PMP certifications.
  11. Company growth. Growing smart in the right direction vs. fast in the wrong direction has been a sensational choice for us.  Very excited about the many doors opened this year.
  12. Support from a thousand different avenues, which made all the difference.

We hope your 2014 brings great opportunities, great projects, and great people! Happy New Year’s, from the CE Wilson Team!

Chrystal Richardson is Managing Partner of CE Wilson Consulting, a project management and business efficiency consulting firm that has managed projects for technology, mining, medical and manufacturing clients since 2001.

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