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Consultant Highlight

Naomi CE Wilson Consulting, LLC Project Consultant and Project Coordinator Celebrating You! This month, we celebrate Naomi as she celebrates her birth month. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication she gives to her projects, her team and her family.  A phenomenal woman. About Naomi: I…

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The Cost of Project Management

Far too often, the value of good project management is underestimated because there is a misperception that outsourcing such services is a needless overhead expense that should be avoided; in reality, however, there are many benefits to using the services of a skilled and experienced…

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QR Codes Dead or Alive

Do you have your QR code? Do you even know what a QR code is? This week's post in the Technology Thursday series will highlight this technology. This isn’t your standard grocery store bar code image.  It looks similar to a traditional barcode but it’s more than that. …

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