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Our First Blog Post

Yes, that is the title of our first blog post.  I know that hundreds of posts from now, we’ll look back and think, “Wow, someone should have edited this a little closer”, but we’re going for it with full excitement.
I’ve always been an avid journaler.  I love what writing (and reading) does for me.  Blogging is a new, yet for some reason frightening, endeavor to take on.  Perhaps because it’s more public than my journal entries and I’m a little anxious about getting things “just right”.  Even so, I’m excited to get started sharing ideas and experiences about what our team believes is the DNA, the core of project management.

I love the craft of project management.  I love making it a skill that brings out who I am as a person, a business owner, a driver.  Project Managers have certain traits that make up our DNA.  For example, we love to see things begin and end. We have the need to plan things and see tasks on paper (or in some tool). We enjoy checking things off a list and analyzing how well we performed against it, on and on… I’m sure you can add a few things of your own.  There are, however, more intangible aspects that we often fail to bring to the craft of Project Management.
That’s what this blog is about, bringing together the head and the heart of project management so that we are more effective and powerful in what we do and how we do it.  Anyone can check tasks off a list, but the CE Wilson Consulting philosophy is that the workings of Project Management require more than a checkmark and a smiley face for being “on time, within budget and in scope.”
It requires:
•    The ability to care enough about the client’s goal, ensuring the scope really fits the strategy
•    Managing the project in a way that the team and the customer can sense your passion about their goal
•    It’s about using your personality, your creativity to make each engagement a representation of who you are as a PM.
This is the DNA, the aspects of Project Management that keep me excited about what I do.

Chrystal Richardson

PM DNA Blog - by Chrystal Richardson
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