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As Thanksgiving approaches we are reminded of the many things we’re thankful for.  Giving thanks is more than a holiday, it’s a way of life.  Consistently having the mindset of gratitude, appreciation and grace is a trait well worth shooting for.

Here’s a collective list of what our CE Wilson team is thankful for this Thanksgiving and all year round:

1. Family & Friends and the wonderful time we get to spend with each other.

2. Life.

3. Health, a loving family, being part of a supportive company and, most of all, God blessing me to see another year!

4. I am thankful there is a Starbucks 1000 feet from my client site.

5. I am thankful that my relationship with this company has led to a great client role.

6. Giving back! Its been a year of volunteering, donating and finally giving away that bag of clothes I fool myself into believing will one day fit again.

6. I am grateful to have a built-in support network of other CE Wilson professionals willing to offer guidance and clarification at any time.

7. I am thankful for growth – personally, professionally, spiritually and mentally; and prosperity in the coming year.

8. The chance to try again each day.

9. I am thankful (and relieved) for passing the PMI/PMP exam. And for the celebration afterwards.

10. 13 years of successful projects and a fantastic team of consultants and clients.

Family and Friends made it to the top of everyone’s list. We’ve said it before, there’s so much power in those two words. The ability to say you have both is a blessing that we’re thankful for each day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the CE Wilson Team

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