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Chrystal Richardson is a consummate business professional with an unrivaled passion for business management and consulting – that’s what prompted her to launch CE Wilson Consulting. Her personal mission of growing and improving herself translates into helping her clients move the needle, generating significant business improvements in efficiency, cost containment and resource management.

With her finger on the pulse of current trends and emerging practices, Chrystal is not only CE Wilson Consulting’s co-leader, but she’s intimately involved in helping clients elevate their businesses. Whether clients are seeking solutions for complex project management, alignment and oversight, business efficiencies or growth and development, Chrystal is well-versed to deliver. In fact, her professional prowess can be found in her unique approaches to project management. Additional areas of specialty include: process engineering and efficiency, training and speaking, as well as managing and mentoring individuals.

Through nearly two decades of experience, Chrystal has earned her place among the leading consultants in Arizona. Her unparalleled understanding of business functions and the need to not only meet, but exceed goals in particularly lean times for many organizations is what makes Chrystal stand out among her peers. No business is too complex for her to tackle – from consulting to financial services and mining and technology.

Prior to establishing CE Wilson Consulting, Chrystal was instrumental in managing several high-profile process management projects for Fortune 500 companies while working as a consultant at a multinational management consulting firm.

Chrystal earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Arizona, graduating cum laude. She is also certified as a Project Management Professional certification, and has been honored with the Emerging Leaders Award for Entrepreneurship from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Although she loves to learn herself, Chrystal can also be found sharing her wisdom with others. As an active member of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, Chrystal can often be found delivering engaging sessions and interactive workshops to a variety of audiences on a wide swath of business topics. She is frequently tapped as a speaker for the Chamber’s Women In Business group on topics of project management and customer service. In addition to her work with the Chamber, she also is a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

While she flexes her professional muscle in the corporate arena, giving back to the community is a cornerstone of Chrystal’s life. She’s particularly active in the community and understands the power of education. This is what prompted her to co-found the CE Wilson Consulting Scholarship for Entrepreneurship with her husband and business partner Fred Richardson, which helps give aspiring business professionals a solid foundation in education. As well, they also established the CE Wilson Consulting Grow Kids Program, which allows youth to help other youth in education, physical activity and giving.

With a philosophy of education = empowerment, Chrystal has provided scholarships and seminar services to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, a group which empowers thousands of women to transform their lives through economic self-sufficiency, education and personal development. She is also a speaker for National Youth Sports and Education and the Tucson chapter of Urban League Green Program.

Chrystal’s talents as a speaker are unmatched. Her words are powerful and her message is clear. That’s one of the reasons her comments were featured in a leading national women’s magazine. With nearly 2.5 million readers, O, The Oprah Magazine, was taken by Chrystal’s response to the question: What’s the most surprising thing you’ve ever learned about yourself?

That I have a quiet power.  In our culture, power seems to mean having a loud presence, but I’ve realized that mine is more like a whisper. When I perform a small act of kindness or pay attention to someone who feels invisible, that’s a powerful thing – and I have that.

Chrystal’s response resonated with editors of the personal growth guide, which provides women with information and tools needed to follow and reach their dreams and lead a more fulfilling life. She was featured alongside nine other women who focused on love, family and personal fulfillment.

For Chrystal, life is about experiences – whether they’re personal or professional. In her spare time, she can be found exploring new projects, enjoying a great breakfast and partaking in an exhilarating game of dodgeball with her children and husband.

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